Friday, March 02, 2007

Cap Go Mee In Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island Is One of tourism place in Palembang (South Sumatra). Now with Cap Go Mee (chinese culture) some people make kemaro island one place to celebrate Cap Go Mee days. Kemaro Island one place of praying center for Buddhist, and directly as tourism place in Kecamatan Ilir Timur (IT) II in Palembang. Every Chinese day's moment always celebrate in Kemaro Island.
Some rituals in celebratation Cap Go Mee days like: barongsai, wayang cina, dragon (naga), and other attracted in Kemaro Island to celebrate Cap Go Mee, one of tradition by Chinese especially for Buddhist's. in the night continue with pray to Thien (sebahyang untuk Thien) and Pray to Dewa Bumi (Hok Tek Cin Sin). And after this ritual continue with cooking a black goat for eaten together in Kemaro Island.

To keep reach this area must be using a boat, or ship. Like Putri Kembang Dadar ship for reach this area, cause this area in some Kilometers in Palembang city, with across river first.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good Industry Area In South Sumatra

South Sumatra have many basic industry with plantation resources, the result from this industry like as CPO.
And then for industry with mining basic have product like crude oil, and LNG or LPG. Coal (Briket), and other product. It's mean so many change to develop this area make an industry especially in South Sumatra. Beside that, government support for investor make good condition to make infestation in this area.

South Sumatera Good Potential Area For Industry

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South Sumatra at side south Indonesian country, with tropics whether and familiar society . This condition make South Sumatra have many good Potential resource to develop in the next time. Beside that natural resource in this area like Coal, LNG, LPG, and Oil. In other side this area have potential plantation resources product like CPO and rubber. This natural resources can support our purpose to develop this make an industry area. Now South Sumatra government have planing to growth up make an Industry area with program "Sumatera Selatan Lumbung Energi dan Pangan Nasionl ( South Sumatra As Energy and Rice Nationality Foundation) in Indonesia It's mean South Sumatra not long time ago will be growth up as industry area with basic Industry natural resources
and plantation resources.